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Sector expert Michelle Patterson, Executive Director of the California Women's Conference, available to discuss the massive economic & cultural impact of the burgeoning female business owner/executive demographic, including implications of recently blocked equal pay bill, prudent electoral power plays, and other hot-button topics;  Also offers advice, insights to help women build a strong platform to sustain their companies and careers.

LADERA RANCH, CA, July 2012 – With women predicted to control more than 60 percent of all personal wealth in the U.S. it’s no wonder that American women constitute the number three market in the world with collective buying power that exceeds the economy of Japan.  And, amid the corporate layoff-laden, recession-driven entrepreneurism boom, women are launching their own businesses at twice the rate of men.  “

This demographic has evolved exponentially, and is now a force to be reckoned with,” urges nationally-regarded speaker, business acceleration expert, and corporate CEO Michelle Patterson, Executive Director of the California Women's Conference ( —North America’s largest women’s conference known for its star-studded speaker lineups that have included Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Queen Noor of Jordan, Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart, Madeline Albright, and Condoleeza Rice, among others, with a highly impressive lineup slated for this year.

With this in mind, Patterson is available for interviews and byline editorials on an array of topics that serve to advise, empower and foster leadership skills among working women, as well as those that outline and underscore the significant economic and cultural influence of today’s female business executive—and strides that still need to be made.  Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

·   5 ways women in the private sector can turn around the economy
·   Why Presidential candidates Mitt Romney and President Obama need to secure the all-powerful working woman’s vote
·   Guilt Free Growth:  How to nurture your career while excelling at home
·   Implications of the recently-blocked Democratic bill calling for equal pay in the workplace
·   Business acceleration for female business owners: tactical  ways to stimulate—or revive—sales and marketing strategies to achieve critical objectives
·   Master Multitaskers:  Strategies for success in a post-feminist generation, when “having it all” requires “giving it all you’ve got”
·   Women Superheroes:  Work, family and life balance—how it’s possible to have it all
·   Then vs. Now: how companies can attract and retain the today’s savvy and discerning female consumer given 91% of women report advertisers “don't understand them” (source:

Female Factoids
Just how powerful are women in today’s marketplace? Consider these additional facts and figures:

-  Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care:
·   91% of New Homes
·   66% PCs
·   92% Vacations
·   80% Healthcare
·   65% New Cars
·   89% Bank Accounts
·   93% Food
·   93 % OTC Pharmaceuticals - American women spend about $5 trillion annually; over half the U.S. GDP

-  Women purchase over 50 percent of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products and consumer electronics (source:

-  Senior women age 50 and older control net worth of $19 trillion (source: MassMutual Financial Group-2007)

-  Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country's history. Estimates range from $12 to $40 trillion. Many Boomer women will experience a double inheritance windfall, from both their parents and husbands. The Boomer woman is a consumer that luxury brands want to resonate with. (source: Claire Behar, Senior Partner and Director, New Business Development, Fleishman-Hillard New York)

-  In the U.S., 75 million moms make or influence 85 percent of all household purchase decisions, representing $2.1 trillion in annual spending power. (source:

-  91% of women in one survey said that advertisers don't understand them
(source: )

About the Expert
Visionary and lauded business accelerator Michelle Patterson is CEO of Event Complete—a full service event management company.  Patterson is regularly called upon by government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits to help them create memorable and high impact events.  She has even hosted the President of the United States.  Her highly custom tailored marketing strategies have made her one of the nation’s most highly sought after event producers. Her most recent endeavor is the largest women’s symposium in North America: the California Women’s Conference. 

After a prestigious history of being hosted by former California first ladies, Patterson has continued the tradition of the historical conference that has featured the likes of First Lady Michelle Obama, former First Lady Laura Bush, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz Jane Fonda, Goldie Hawn, and Gayle King among dozens of other thought leaders and A-list celebrities.  Labeled an “acceleration executive” Patterson also helps businesses grow faster, serving in a consultative role with Groupon and Living Social, among others.  Also an energetic and engaging public speaker, she enthralls and educates audiences with her well-reputed “Edu-tainment flair.”    Learn more about Michelle Patterson and her endeavors online at

About the California Women’s Conference
The California Women’s Conference, an annual non-partisan event, was created in 1985 by then-Governor George Deukmejian, to address the high failure rate among women-owned businesses by giving women entrepreneurs greater access to funding and other helpful resources. Then-First Lady Gloria Deukmejian assumed responsibility for the conference, which became known as the California Governor and First Lady’s Conference. In recent years the conference has become a star-studded event and renamed it “The Women’s Conference.”

Past speakers have included Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, Queen Noor of Jordan, Tyra Banks, Martha Stewart, Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, and many others. Today, the legacy continues under the stewardship of Michelle Patterson, CEO of Event Complete. This year’s event will expose visionary women from all backgrounds to new and valuable resources, provide insight and encouragement from other like-minded women, and serve as the momentum needed in their personal and professional venture for change. Learn more online at and through social media channels:, Twitter @CAWomensConf #CAWomensConf,,,

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