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As an artist and crafter of musical magic, Kathy Herranen has been pursuing her passion for over fifteen years. 

Herranen opened KH Chimes in 1995, and has been motivated by a simple philosophy.  “I want KH Chimes to be the first business people think of when they want glass wind chimes. I have had loyal customers here in Arizona where I do the majority of my shows, and now I'm adding customers through internet orders and from my Pennsylvania shows. I believe the success of my business is that I offer an excellent product for a fair price."

Herranan has some background in art, but she stumbled onto the idea of creating wind chimes almost by accident.

"Previously, I went to art school for portrait painting.  I worked as a pastel artist and a graphic designer,” she said.  Then a visit from her mother changed the course of Herranen’s career.  “My mother loved the old Chinese glass wind chimes that were so popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s, but they were not available anymore," she explained.  So she did some research and figured out her own way to produce the chimes. "They turned out so well. I took them to show the store owner who had sold me the material. He liked the chimes so much that he asked if I would make them for him. So we entered into a wholesale partnership."

So began an enterprise that has been growing ever since. "I plan to continue making wind chimes as long as I have the use of my eyes and hands,” she said. "And many of my customers make it a point of telling me how much they appreciate my work. It's gratifying to know that others consider my product to be a quality product."

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