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Mary Kay Gallagher started her own business as a way to contribute to her community. As the owner of Mary Kay Gallagher Real Estate, she works to preserve the history and Victorian elegance of Prospect Park South in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she has lived for 52 years.

"The president of the Prospect South Associates came to me one day and told me that somebody had to do something that the real estate brokers weren't doing," said Ms. Gallagher, who had her hands full as a stay-at-home mother with six children. "These brokers didn't know the neighborhood. They didn't know how to sell it; they were recommending it as boarding houses. We didn't want unscrupulous brokers who didn't know what they were doing."

So Gallagher took the initiative and got her real estate license in 1972. Today, she runs a thriving family business with an extensive buyer list, helping each client connect with the neighborhood on a personal level.

After all these years, Gallagher has gotten to know her neighborhood inside and out. "Brooklyn is very democratic. We have all types of people living here: all races, all nationalities, all religions. We even have Republicans!" she laughs. "My clients love that one...but we have to be diplomatic."

Although the real estate market spiraled downward nationally, people are still attracted to Victorian housing in Brooklyn. "There's always a waiting list to get here," she said. "This neighborhood took off by word of mouth. People would come here to visit, and say, 'I didn't know this existed in Brooklyn!’ We’re near the subway and the expressway, and yet we're like ‘the country in the city.’ That's what we call our neighborhood. It's a beautiful place to live."
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