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In this day and time, when the technology doesn't work – nobody works. Sometimes, there's nobody around to tinker with that network and keep it from going down, or to upgrade it either. The benefits of having the right IT systems in place are obvious, and having them proactively managed is a 24/7, 365-day job — one Culver Technologies takes on with finesse.

CEO David Heckel, who founded Culver Technologies as a managed services provider, aims to be the “go-to” technology partner for small businesses ranging from northern Massachusetts to Vermont and Maine. This New Hampshire-based company provides small businesses, non-profits and schools with professional business services, IT management and support, data backup and recovery, and Internet marketing, among other services.

Their typical client, with 5 to 50 workstations, relies heavily on email, Internet and a computer network to run the business. Such clients want network support without the expense of a full-time IT staff. They also don't want existing employees pulled away from their jobs with the constant interruptions and endless responsibility that troubleshooting the company network means.

Enter Culver Technologies, complete with its 27-point network assessment and with potential solutions for a wide range of problems. There are clients who just want Culver to be a remote IT department, managing and protecting their networks from viruses, disasters and intruders, while also providing various kinds of support. The company has a more proactive outlook. “Most people look for a solution first. But at Culver, I listen to the customer and we find the problem first, then work out an appropriate technical solution,” noted Heckel.

Then there are those clients who want a real technology partner, and come to view Heckel and his staff as trusted consultants and advisors. These are the clients who want to grow and are willing to do it by improving the efficiency of their businesses via technology investments. Companies seeking growth might invest in website design, Internet and email marketing, VOIP phone services, cloud services, or even CIO support from Culver.

“Every business is different, has different needs and goes through different growth cycles,” Heckel said. “We work with each small business to grow, manage and protect the organization that they have worked so hard to build.”

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