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Consumers today have very high expectations about how marketing graphics are supposed to look. In fact, extremely realistic, fast 3-D models have become the norm, rather than the exception. And those graphics need to perform well across many kinds of devices – not just on a PC, but on laptops, websites, tablets, and smartphones.

“There's been quite a transformation, driven in part by the 3-D game industry, that has really exploded over the last decade,” said Gavin Finn, CEO of Kaon Interactive, a company that creates interactive 3D product marketing applications. “There are two dynamics at play here. One is a consumer expectation of fully interactive, 3-D capabilities in almost every aspect of digital interaction. And so that's created a high bar for everybody in the industry. On the technology side, there's been a really powerful base of platforms that have enabled 3-D across a whole variety of devices.”

Kaon Interactive's focus is on creating totally accurate 3-D product models allowing marketing teams and salespeople to do product demos anywhere, without having to have the actual product with them. This provides a huge competitive advantage for clients because their salespeople can now do product demos as needed, without advance notice and remotely in the customer's own office. Because speed, content and reliability are paramount during a sales presentation, the company created a proprietary iPad, laptop and desktop application called the Kaon Meson Platform to build and run sales demos.

“We use high definition photographs as the textures for 3-D product models. Unlike a lot of other technologies in the 3-D world, we're not doing renderings to create animations that look fairly realistic. "We're actually doing highly realistic HD photographic representations of the exterior and interior of these products, so that the products look, feel and behave exactly the way the physical products would behave,” Finn said. “If you want to explore a product, take out a component or change out a power supply, that all happens in real time, using  that we create. It's very fast, very smooth and very powerful, so that the visualization is highly realistic, and the customer experience is also incredibly fluid and very compelling.”

Kaon Interactive recently developed an app for one client integrating 3-D product demonstrations with live social media feeds in a way that can be viewed on mobile platforms like phones and tablets. “In addition to having a mobile platform that allows them to present their companies product catalog, they've got a social platform that allows them to interact with their colleagues all around the world, even if they've never actually met,” Finn said. It might be the ultimate in cool.

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