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Here within the stratosphere, businesses around the globe strive for success. But for some, the world is not enough. TriSept Corporation President Rob Spicer helps those companies take it to the next level.

TriSept uses revolutionary small satellite integration technology to offer unique "ridesharing" programs for launching small crafts in conjunction with larger missions. According to Spicer, this is the future for small satellite systems. It’s very cost-effective, and his team’s extensive background with systems engineering minimizes risk to the primary mission.

In addition to developing innovative technologies, TriSept provides independent consulting support to government, civil and commercial entities, ensuring satellite program requirements are met from design to launch. This involves software management and quality assurance testing of subsystems.

Spicer spent two decades working for small businesses with big-name NASA subcontractors before launching TriSept in 1994. "Working for larger companies always made me feel like a number," he says. "I wanted to prove there could be a business with heart, something with a family atmosphere."

That philosophy and a broad expertise enabled Spicer to attract the top minds in the business. "Experience is key. We hire folks with over 20 years of experience. They have a thirst for knowledge. They're innovating and always thinking of better ways to do things," Spicer says.

TriSept’s success speaks for itself, and the business is ready to take another giant leap. "The next big thing for us is spearheading small satellite launching," Spicer says. "We are going to take that and help make it a success."
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