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When it comes down to cutting a rock-solid deal in the defense contracting industry, at MartinFederal Consulting, CEO Corey Martin is the man to seal the deal. “MartinFederal is a small and tightly run company,” Martin explained. ” we supplement and work with larger companies and provide needed services to the government that allows for competitive rates and successful task completion without heavy overhead.”

Providing support to the Federal government, MartinFederal has four lines of business: cyber and systems security, enterprise and IT support, intelligence services, and programmatics. Despite massive cuts in defense spending, and Congress’ determination to avoid the “sequestration” process – facing $1 trillion across-the-board cuts to federal spending – the firm is virtually thriving, even in such a tough market. “My organization has been able to supplement larger companies/contractors in providing critical services to the Government at competitive rates” Martin said.

“That’s one of the reasons I we work to maintain a low overhead, I don’t need warm bodies just sitting in office chairs. If the work allows the employee to work from home, we are amenable to that; we embrace a flex-type work environment.” MartinFederal looks at its employees as its greatest asset, giving them benefits that match the large companies and even hiring employees from some of them, who want to work where it matters. The company has an expansion plan, adding another 60 staff members to the business in November with the win of a very important space operations contract.. “We want to provide the most competitive rates,” he said.

MartinFederal just became an 8(a) minority Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and is also certified as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). The 8(a) certification will be one of the driving forces of MartinFederal's growth during the next phase. The company now has the right to receive “sole-source contracts, without open competition, up to a ceiling of $4 million.”  Martin said the company has received countless projects from various governmental agencies. Small businesses, being more flexible, can usually make decisions on a dime. In the near future, the firm will be able to form “joint venture" deals and be able to develop teams to bid on contracts. Working as a small business and teaming with larger contractors, MartinFederal can provide the Government and the larger contractor’s competitive rates and a Win/Win situation for all. “The government realizes that they get a greater bang for their buck with us,” he said.                      

The firm also received a lucrative contract to work with a large prime supporting NASA. . . We have done a great job in supporting the prime and they have  been pleased with our staff and level of responsiveness,” Martin said.

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