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You are here: Technology Security Optimism and Staying Ahead of The Curve
A healthy blend of skepticism and optimism is what keeps all businesses thriving, and Chesapeake Mission Critical is no exception. Despite the lagging economy and uncertainty in government contracts funding, “Cyber-security is at an all-time high and Internet infrastructure spending is very much a segment that can’t be ignored,” says Ryan. 
With the focus on Internet connectivity, digital communications and social media, “we’re seeing this segment of the market grow at a rate we’ve never seen before.”  Testament to this growth, Chesapeake Mission Critical has increased their workforce and their bottom line with a 22 percent increase in revenues for 2011.  Not bad for a company placed squarely within competitive range of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.     

As any provider of services that support Information Technologies (IT), remaining current is also critical to success.  Chesapeake Mission Critical delivers state-of-the-art cooling solutions geared at keeping equipment running safely through temperature-controlled environments.  “As we fill a room with computers, they generate heat, and we need to make sure the heat is neutralized.”    Precision cooling can now control the whole working environment consistently and efficiently, thanks to new cooling technologies.

With a focus on state-of-the-art data center solutions, managing the new markets that rely heavily on the Internet remains the biggest challenge.  Communication is a large part of its solution.  Beginning with a facilities and maintenance-based sales that keeps servicers, reps and other officials in front of managers and engineers, workers must perform diligently and creatively to bridge understanding gaps, build on management agendas and sometimes even help with budgets.  “Coming into a room with both groups and bringing them together with common expectations and mutual understanding is key,” says Ryan.   

Their credo:  “Sell it, Build it and then Maintain it.”  They’re aware of what works, and painfully aware of what doesn’t work, while holding everyone accountable in the end.  Managing contracts often entails juggling services within many industries that include health care, government, education, and now commercial.  The specialists at Chesapeake Mission Critical work as much for process as they do for effective voice-over Internet, energy management, safety and customer reliability – all of equal weight in importance.  In the beginning it’s the service, and in the end, it’s the customer, because as Ryan says, “We must make sure they’re happy.”

Staying ahead of the curve requires “continuing education”, meaning simply:  they’re constantly drawn in to new innovations by examining the most current trends - attending trade shows, speaking to customers and vendors , finding out what’s new, what’s next, and most of all: what’s hot.  All important essentials to stay, and remain, on top of the game.

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