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New technologies and business models are now offering businesses & consumers new benefits for the use of information and communications. At the same time, the ever-increasing use of IT is accompanied by new sets of cyber threats, developing in ever more rapid, sophisticated and sinister ways.

Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions (RTCS) is part of Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems business. RTCS develops and deploys cross-domain solutions that enable government and civilian agencies to share and access information securely across multiple classified networks at different classification levels. Essentially, they help customers protect sensitive and classified information while ensuring that the information gets to the correct people in a timely manner.

“The use of Cross-domain technology is growing substantially because our customers recognize the cost savings and productivity gains that can be achieved by deploying these solutions. The need to access and transfer sensitive or classified information has always been there, but cross-domain solutions make it easier, faster, more secure, and less costly than traditional methods,” said Lisa Brown, President of Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions. “We are also starting to see a need for this technology in the commercial space. One example of that would be organizations going through various acquisitions and mergers. They have a vital need to keep their networks separate for security purposes.”

Brown says that one of the largest and growing threats in cyber security is the use of mobile devices for business and government transactions. “Mobile technology offers a lot of productivity, but the security risks are really unique, not to mention vast.” Industry surveys contend that the use of mobile devices in government and corporations are driving the requirement for more security measures. “At RTCS, we are finding ways to better secure tablets and smartphones, considering the popularity and massive growth of these devices,” said Brown.

During the economic downturn, RTCS has been very fortunate, experiencing fantastic growth as the demand for workplace security continues to rise. “In times of budget reductions, our products are ideal because, in addition to security, we also save our clients time and money,” said Brown. “Our products offer solid value to customers in good and bad economic times.”

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