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Most computer platforms, including smartphones, use typed passwords to secure the system. Although this approach keeps the system safe against casual thieves, it won't stop a hacker for very long, a fact that inspired Germano Di Mambro, CEO of Porticus Technology, to develop a new approach to security.

In partnership with investor Russ Cramer, Di Mambro created a voice recognition algorithm allowing a user to unlock his computer or phone by speaking a pass phrase out loud. “We are authenticating the voice being recorded or listened to or used in the login process,” said Cramer. “It is not simple voice recognition. So therefore we have a patented, highly secure 4-factor voice biometric authentication software (who you are {VoiceID], what you know [passphrase], Device ID & Location ID). We call it 'Voice Key ID' or 'VKID' for short.”

“What makes the Voice Key ID biometric so promising is that it's tamper proof – in other words, you can't do a recording of somebody's voice and play it back,” Di Mambro added. “Number 2 is, it works well in noisy environments, real world environments. It's noise robust, I call it. And number 3, it's very easy to use, regardless of its spoken language, and independent of whatever language you speak, it will voice activate.”

VKID is based on a voice recognition algorithm originally developed to identify criminals for the legal system. Di Mambro, who previously worked in the financial industry, recognized VKID's tremendous potential for making secure financial transactions over the phone. “I recognized it immediately as a technology that had a lot of promise,” he said.

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