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Promotional products are the perfect way for a company, business or organization to introduce themselves to a wide variety of people in whimsical, useful and memorable ways. Few advertising methods provide a better first impression and have such a lasting impact as a promotional item given by a business. Plus, giving branded merchandise to existing and potential customers creates goodwill and implants brand recognition.

Flexible Innovations, Ltd. has been helping a wide variety of businesses grow and promote themselves by providing memorable, useful and innovative promotional products. “We’ve been in business since 2002, and in the promotional products industry since 2006,” Fred Antonini, general partner of Flexible Innovations, headquartered in Fort Worth, TX, told The Suit. “Thanks to the Internet – and to the fact that our name comes up first and frequently in searches – we’ve grown into a truly global company.”

According to Antonini, what makes Flexible Innovations truly stand out among its competitors is the belief that every marketing department's goal is to get the message about their company, service or product to their existing customers and to new prospects. “The useful ‘techie’ items that we sell are attached to print media – including direct mail, invitations and tradeshow announcements. When an item is attached, it subconsciously obligates the recipient to notice, and read the message. The company has achieved its goal and the item serves as a reminder of what was read,” Antonini explained.

Flexible Innovations also stands out in the highly competitive, crowded promotional marketplace because of the uniqueness of its bespoke product offerings, like its consumer products made from the world’s most advanced non-slip material – called egrips. “When people first come in contact with egrips technology material, their most common reaction is to ask what it is,” Antonini noted. “It’s made from a specially formulated dimpled silicone material that has an extremely high amount of friction. It prevents things such as smartphones, laptops and coffee cups from slipping around on dry surfaces like car seats, counter tops, desktops, boats and even your shirt sleeves.” This product has even been used by motorcycle racing teams, who put them on the tanks “to give them leg control and position them securely when racing,” Antonini added. Part of the appeal of egrips is that it outperforms any non-skid material currently on the market. Easy to put on and take off, stickers and strips made of egrips are long-lasting, stay clean – and are made in the USA. Businesses love their functionality. And businesses also love the fact that these full color, custom-made egrips anti-slip stickers and non-slip strips promoting their name or brand, will be seen often.

Another widely popular Flexible Innovations product that is also made in the USA, is its DigiClean microfiber smartphone screen cleaner sticker. The explosive smartphone and tablet market has definitely boosted sales. “Look at your computer screen or cellphone right now. Even if it doesn’t look dirty, it’s covered with dust and oil from your hands and skin,” Antonini added. “These screen wipes are excellent at removing makeup, fingerprints and dirt. We’ve sold millions and millions of these.”

These are only two examples from among the products that Antonini offers. Such promotional products are great at doing exactly what they’re designed to do. They draw attention, increase brand recognition, create exposure and promote a favorable image. A Baylor University study found that companies using promotional products to create a favorable impression do 22% more business than those that don’t.

To be sure, promotional products are a cost-effective and efficient form of advertising. Products that are interesting, innovative and fun, like those from Flexible Innovations, can have an even more profound effect because people enjoy using them. And it is a great service, too, that many of Antonini's products are made in the USA.

For more information, visit: www.flexinno.com

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