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If one man stands out in the world of   Enterprise Resource Planning and Material Requirements Planning, it is Garth Geoghan, President and CEO of DataLink-Systems, LLC. With over 21 years of experience in Information Technology, DataLink Systems is also an authorized reseller of MiSys Manufacturing, ERP software for small manufacturers.

"I started in the IT department in manufacturing 23 years ago," he said from his office in Denver, Colorado. "I was responsible for administering and maintaining ERP systems,” adding, "I developed an expertise in the software and was later hired by a value-added reseller of that particular software product as a consultant."

ERP refers to the integration of as many departments as possible within a company – using a single underlying transactional database being constantly rather than periodically updated – allowing each department to check progress in real or close to real time. Data accuracy becomes of paramount importance. According to Garth, "[An] ERP system allows companies to handle the production process, activity, sales structure and bill of materials, shipping and receiving and all accounting functions.”  Geoghan said the process of integration between financials and manufacturing is what leads to all of the departments being integrated," he continued. "I have written software for years that would provide functional enhancements, and in addition to consulting, I would also be involved in implementation projects,” Geoghan added: “That [is] software for new companies who have just purchased the [ERP] software."

DataLink-Systems' consultants are located all over the country, saving clients money by mainly working on projects remotely. "My primary residual business is consulting. Implementing systems of this type and scale is a big challenge for a manufacturing company. It changes the culture of how they do business, from procedures to policy," Geoghan, said, He noted that his software and consulting end of the business has been quite lucrative. "I meet with clients and the executive management team working together simultaneously, Geoghan said, “I help to get them up and go live within a (reasonable) time frame."

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