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Venture capital is a demanding field. And for years, Drew Bewick was on top of it. He helped entrepreneurs in the IT industry get their businesses going, honing his skills while steering clients toward success.

But a few years ago, he decided to switch gears. “I wanted the freedom to assist visionary social entrepreneurs—the type of people who really want to make an impact on communities, and who aren't afraid to question conventional thinking,” he said. In 2009, Bewick founded Tree House Ventures to do just that. Now, he’s able to help business owners who truly aspire to make a difference.

Tree House Ventures offers services in three main areas: innovation engineering, capacity building and value creation.  “We think of it as helping entrepreneurs make the right decisions for growing a company, and we combine that with the ongoing research we do on sector markets,” said Bewick. “That’s the sort of value creation that really sets us apart.” They also offer a Venture Accelerator Service, which helps innovators launch successful ventures by discovering opportunities and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, launch and manage a successful venture to make an impact.

Tree House Ventures has a special focus on collaborative software space, and they often combine social media and market research expertise with customized training for clients. That bodes well for their continued success going forward. “Using social media tools is so effective in today’s climate because you can tell your own story, it’s cost-effective and you can target who you want with more precision,” explained Bewick.

Changing times or not, some advice holds true no matter what. Bewick advises his clients to recognize what works and stick with it. But during the inevitable times of change, enterprises should work with their communities and never be afraid to think outside the box. “We like to find opportunities outside the normal view,” he said. “That’s the sort of value we provide.”

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