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John Comstock of The Comstock Law Firm, PLLC (Comstock Law) knows a thing or two about running a business. From working as a professional musician and real estate agent during college, to starting his own construction company before moving into law, Comstock understands the unique needs and perspectives of business owners firsthand.

Founded in 2004, Comstock Law is comprised of both Comstock and his father, attorney Brian Comstock. Comstock himself earned a J.D. With honors from Seattle University School of Law in 2000, becoming in-house legal counsel and then CEO, of Chrono-Logic Systems, Inc. shortly thereafter. When that company moved to San Francisco, Comstock stayed in Washington state and founded Comstock Law, which proved to be another fruitful endeavor.

“Most of our business comes from word of mouth,” said Comstock. He also persuaded his father, with a long and distinguished legal career and a large client base, to combine forces in Comstock Law. “We cater to small business – local small business mostly.”

Small businesses have a wide variety of needs, and Comstock focuses on providing a full range of services especially for them. The law firm brings expertise in a wide variety of areas, such as business formation, termination, acquisition and sale, as well as handling contract issues, franchising, employment issues and intellectual property, among others.

Getting to know his clients and enjoying their company are just as important to Comstock. Events such as litigation, arbitration and mediation can be stressful for small business owners – who sometimes are reluctant to seek professional legal representation at all. Comstock makes a point of becoming acquainted with his clients personally, which helps the entire experience become a less stressful and more positive one.

Our goal is always to try to avoid court. But Comstock adds, “Sometimes you’ve got to go to court.”

With another successful business venture tucked under his arm, Comstock notes that he personally views his family as his greatest success. As with any job, there needs to be a balance between family and work, and Comstock has found it.

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