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Nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The divorce rate in America for first marriages is roughly 41%; for second marriages it is 60%; and for third marriages it is a whopping 73%. In fact, divorce rates all across the globe are rising at a rapid rate owing to a bevy of problems that run the gamut from incompatibility to infidelity to lack of trust to financial pressures.

Indeed, divorce is one of the most traumatic life events a person can go through. Moreover, money spent on getting mad or getting even is just money wasted. That’s why a growing number of couples who are calling it quits are increasingly turning to divorce financial consultants and mediators. In the metro Denver area they turn to Steve McBride.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for over a decade and a founding member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, McBride is the owner and founder of Steve McBride, LLC. His focus is on mediating divorce cases, providing financial support and analysis to couples going through collaborative divorce or mediation, offering consulting services to individuals considering or involved in divorce, and preparing QDROs to transfer retirement plan. He also acts as an expert witness on the financial aspects of litigated divorce cases.

“I help couples get through the divorce process amicably. We work together. And when children are involved, I remind them that their offspring are their most valuable asset. We always work with the kids’ best interests at the forefront of negotiations,” McBride explained to The Suit.  As part of the mediation process, McBride helps couples with all the issues in  their divorce, including parenting plans.  If necessary, experts on parenting and other issues are brought in to help with specific issues.

Clients are mostly mid-to-upper income individuals who aren’t engaged in, or interested in, a high degree of conflict. “My clients aren’t absorbed in hurting each other. They aren’t after retribution and they aren’t hiding assets. They are transparent in what they have and what they aim to accomplish. But, no matter how friendly a divorce, it is full of emotions,” McBride added.

Combining logic, skill, compassion, creativity, calmness, easy to comprehend financial models, and humor when appropriate, McBride is adept at making a split as smooth as possible. “I provide a safe place where couples come to have honest and open discussions with their spouse. I put them both at ease and remind them to be kind to each other as well as themselves,” McBride shared

Research from the journal Psychological Science shows that people who are kind and compassionate in a split have an easier time managing the difficulties of divorce. Divorce mediation is beneficial not only financially and emotionally, it’s also an optimal alternative to courtroom proceeding.

The key is to not think of the breakup as a battle. To be sure, love is grand. But a litigated divorce can be hundreds of grand.

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