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Few lawyers can say that they have actually experienced what being mistreated by a company is like  – wishing they had the education or advocacy from an attorney to represent them and address their injustice.

Michael Ian Rott, managing partner of the San Diego-based law firm Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP (HRO) knows the frustrations of company corruption firsthand. After a bitter experience with a trusted automobile manufacturer, Rott became interested in law and the rights of consumers. Using his own bad experience as a springboard, Rott educates and advocates for victims and he is passionate about achieving results for his clients.

Rott and his colleagues at HRO have a reputation for commitment and teamwork. The entire firm represents each client in a multitude of areas, including family law, social security disability, and even employment litigation. But, that is not all they do.

“Class action lawsuits represent 60% of our business,” Rott told “The Suit.” “We look at what is going to have the biggest impact on the general public,” he said of the firm’s client reach. This allows the attorneys at HRO to tackle large cases affecting many consumers with a common problem. The firm does not limit itself to this strategy, as they also represent clients in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death cases.

Despite winning many 7-figure settlements and initiating high-profile cases against big names like Apple and AT&T, Rott and his firm also believe in a swift settlement to ease the tumultuous lawsuit procedure. “I think that arbitration is certainly beneficial and the process is a nice adjunct to the civil system,” he said.

Rott scored a superb 10.0 on two AVVO Ratings for experience, industry recognition, and professional conduct – one as a Top Workers' Compensation Attorney, and the other as a Top Class Action Attorney. Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP as a firm also comes highly recommended by past clients and former opposing esquires. “Our lawyers and support staff are what strengthen our firm,” said Rott.

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