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Approximately 50% of law school graduates either never practice law or struggle continuously to find work. The job market is flooded and only those few who show an eagerness to work toward proving credibility ever emerge from the boiling pot as successful --  practicing lawyers. Even fewer actually open their own successful law firms.
Anthony Difruscia, owner of Difruscia Law Offices, can proudly number himself among those few. A high-profile attorney and entrepreneur with an action-packed resume, Difruscia has been offering exemplary legal services to northeastern Massachusetts for over 40 years.

Difruscia Law Offices is a full-service law firm offering its services to a diverse group of clients presenting an even broader range of cases. Twenty percent of the firm’s cases are criminal and they also practice family law, personal injury, workers' compensation and Social Security disability, along with wills, estates and trusts. “We are a people kind of practice,” said Difruscia.

His passion for debate and mastery of the art of persuasion separates Difruscia from others. “Persuasion is an art that is developed. Presenting your side of an argument becomes a very important function – naturally I would think to get involved in trial work in the courtroom,” he told “The Suit.”

In his younger years, Difruscia’s bold leadership was already apparent. He received a debate scholarship to Emerson College, and at age 26 was elected as Massachusetts State Representative, serving there for 3 terms. Later he also became a New Hampshire State Representative, serving for 12 years. In the process, he became one of only five Americans who have served as legislators for two different states.

Difruscia pointed out an interesting evolution in the law, driven by technological advancements. New technology has greatly influenced the way cases can be presented in court. By using digital presentations and video technologies, cases can be presented with more sophistication and clarity. New technology has impacted practical law as well. “Generally speaking, I don’t find as many death cases in workmans' compensation as there used to be because of increased safety factors,” he explained. With working conditions getting better, there has been a marked decrease in job fatalities.

As owner of Parkside West Apartments, LLC as well as AD Management and Realty, Inc., Difruscia also has a background as an entrepreneur and businessman. He can offer real experience to clients in need of representation for both Business and Real Estate Law. This gives Difruscia the advantage of being better equipped and experienced in many different areas of law, enabling him to serve more clients.

Drifruscia is well aware of the seriousness and need for consistency within his practice areas, as well as clients’ desire for results. “You have to be fluid. You have to be credible,” he insisted. “Like any other product – the proof is in the pudding.”

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