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With an abundance of civil litigation attorneys in the US, particularly in a fragile economy, law isn’t a game at Guendelsberger Law Offices, LLP. A civil litigation practice for over two decades, their growth can be attributed to one simple phrase: “great word-of-mouth.”

Business has “ebbed and flowed” since 1983, according to Robert Guendelsberger, founder and lead attorney. In both good times and in bad, one key to keeping revenues steadily increasing has always been in the areas of overhead that can be kept low. While the competition invests in costly television ads, for example, Guendelsberger Law Offices proudly relies on past and present clients for referrals. Great work for clients means more clients. By representing their existing clients vigorously, each attorney is conscientiously contributing to the firm's bottom line and future growth.

Fighting vigorously also means many long, hard days in an already stressful profession. Hours can begin as early as 7:00 am, ending well after midnight when trial preparation is in progress. Working that little bit more might just mean winning. “All cards are out on the table at that juncture” says Guendelsberger. In every trial case “all bets are off.” A substantial case might even involve additional attorneys coming from the office especially to observe juror behavior. Pursuing effective strategies such as these is another important attribute of a successful law practice.

Employing powerful strategies can garner high returns, both in trial and on the bottom line – and this is where Guendelsberger Law Offices always comes up winning.

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