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Focusing time and attention on the things that are good, and ignoring what is not good – is a credo to live by when running a successful civil litigation law firm, especially one helping people involved in catastrophic injury.  At Leventis & Ransom Law Firm, this is where a reputable standing in both the legal community and in the community-at-large means the most. Jimmy Leventis and Robert Ransom understand exactly what it means to focus on what is good and ignore what is not.

“One reward comes from what we do to help people in circumstances that can be terrifying and oppressive to the average person.” Amputated limbs, paraplegic comas, vegetative states and medical bills reaching into the millions is a reality for many of their clients. 

With a bevy of high stakes medical malpractice suits behind them, their focus on minimal advertising has generated revenues. Keeping overhead low also allows them to pick and choose among potential clients. “We do not need a volume practice to support overhead,” says Ransom. Instead, they choose to focus on cases they can fight passionately for – and win.  

Winning translates into more than just dollars too. “Our nice verdicts have resulted in good standing in the legal community and with the public,” says Ransom. As larger cases come in, and with more client referrals, advertising can be minimal. A recent 3.1 million-dollar verdict landed them into a “higher orbit” with publicity from it resulting in several other cases and, as Ransom reiterates, “Putting real dollars in their pockets to get real help and real care.” And this is as real as it gets.

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