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In an age when many people worry about the costs and inefficiencies of the American health care system, Steven H. Jesser takes a different approach. An attorney who is admitted to practice in 10 states and more than 50 federal courts, he specializes in defending physicians and health care professionals from challenges to their competence and integrity. For Jesser, the question is not what's wrong with American health care, but why so many fail to understand what is right about it. He encounters and represents medical professionals alleged to have engaged in fraud on the state and federal levels. "Health care fraud may not be increasing," he says, "but today there is a greater emphasis on tracking it down and prosecuting it."

Jesser’s father served as a Flight Surgeon Captain of U.S. Army Air Force in California, Arizona, and Europe during World War II, and then spent many years in private practice. Jesser has represented many physicians, dentists, and other health care professionals, including in the purchase and sale of medical and dental practices, the market for which he views as a leading indicator of economic health. He notes that there now exists a stronger market for the purchase and sale of those practices than during the bleak downturn years from 2009 to 2011.

Practicing since the 1970’s, Jesser has witnessed continuous improvement in the quality of the judiciary, and in the pro-active role which his profession has taken to increase diversity and to eliminate bias within its ranks.

Jesser had been a felony trial prosecutor in Chicago, and then a litigation and commercial real estate development associate in a major law firm. He became the first Associate General Counsel of Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, part of what is now Northwestern Memorial HealthCare, a major tertiary care medical center in the Midwest, and one of the largest in the State of Illinois. He worked with hundreds of physicians, nurses and other health care personnel, representing and counseling them in legal issues and problems. He has practiced since the mid-1990’s in his own private practice, specializing in health care transactions, licensing, and litigation; as well as federal and state criminal and state appellate practice.

As for the future, Jesser intends to continue practicing as a defender of what he believes is the best health care system in the world.

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