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Someone who fights for more than a cause and a paycheck would be foreclosure and bankruptcy attorney Sandra M. Emerson of Oak Park, Illinois: She fights for homes and livelihoods. Among her rewards is a bevy of satisfied clients who keep referrals coming and gratitude flowing. Probably the most profound reward for Emerson was a Christmas card from a former client telling her that it was the best holiday ever because she spent it in her home – thanks to the Emerson Law Firm.

Emerson dreamed of being a lawyer as far back as she could remember, but she knew she couldn’t be “just a lawyer” and work for someone else’s law firm or climb a corporate ladder.   She needed a practice of her own, and has certainly made her mark in the community. “Our clients are not just numbers to us,” says Emerson. “We make them feel they are part of a family.” 

Emerson wasn’t always a warrior fighting for homes either. This is the irony: where she used to represent people initially buying their homes, she now represents their interests in keeping them because, “It’s more than a house – it’s a community.”

The general economic downturn has created an influx of clients, generating many new referrals. “There are lots of folks coming to our office as a result of the collapsed market.” This is precisely why the Emerson Law Firm feels so strongly about helping them. Having seen so much abuse from banks in foreclosures, Emerson feels that 90 percent of home foreclosures result from ’ homeowners’ lack of representation.

In addition to rallying behind her clients, Emerson believes that arming her staff with the technology they need to be successful is key. She provides them with high-speed scanners, specialized software, calendaring programs for deadlines and e-filing systems so that any document for every client can be instantly available 24/7. With constant communication through email, Emerson makes everyone a partner in litigation. “Our clients are made to feel they are right there in the cockpit, helping us determine the right path,” she says. 

Staffing the firm with  people who have the same degree of passion as she does is also a priority, as demonstrated by her efforts  in seeking out her current associate and of-counsel attorneys at legal aid organizations “I want people who really care.” 

No war was ever waged without a good battle fought, and it doesn’t end at the Emerson Law Firm for Emerson.  Her dream is to establish a foreclosure liaison committee for the state of Illinois to help improve and streamline court procedures and mediation.  “We’d like to see more judges meet with the defense bar and understand how cohesive our work is.” 

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