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The atmosphere at Haworth Holt Bell is a world away from the cut-throat, impersonal environment some people associate with professional firms.

The Directors have continuing plans to expand and they look forward to the future with confidence. Tanya J. Simister qualified as a solicitor in 1996, having obtained an LLB (hons) in law and after having completed a training contract at Haworth Holt Bell.

Following qualification, Tanya obtained a Master of Law in employment law (LLM) which remains her principal area of work, along with family, matrimonial and civil litigation.
Tanya obtains frequent referrals as a result of outstanding expertise and experience in her chosen areas and her willingness to offer support and valuable practical advice. She is on the Law Society Family Panel and is Vice President and Treasurer of the Trafford Law Society.

A partner at Haworth Holt Bell, Tanya Simister carries herself like a well-schooled barrister. The law firm, specializing in domestic conveyancing, trust and probate work from as far back as the early 1800s, is headquartered in Altrincham, United Kingdom. A family-owned partnership until the late 1970s, this British law firm since then has shifted more towards Commercial Law.

As of 2004, Haworth Holt Bell converted from a partnership to a limited company with a team of Directors that include Robert Haworth, Richard Bell, Amanda Freeman and Tanya Simister. The team’s goals are part of the firm’s ability to expand forward with a keen eye towards a lucrative future.

Ms. Simister states that back in 1994, the area of employment law had caught her eye. Obtaining a Master of Law (LLM) with honors in employment law from the University of Wolverhampton, she now has “15 years as a Solicitor" in matrimonial, family and civil litigation.

"This is a man's world; I am the underdog here," she says. "I must work harder, longer, from a female's perspective, of course. I like helping people that have been discriminated against. I feel as though there is a need to explain this information to clients, so that they may better understand that what they know may be damaging to themselves."

What keeps her passionate about the law? "It is the attraction of being a Solicitor in which I experience the element of surprise," she adds. 


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