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For more than a decade, ASI Government, Inc. has advised federal government leaders looking to improve acquisition strategies, mission performance and organizational effectiveness. In short, ASI professionals quarterback the procurement and acquisition of government resources, as well as consult on program tactics, for over three dozen federal government agencies. 

“I’ve had the gift of working in both government and industry, and what I’ve found is that we have common goals,” says Kymm McCabe, President and CEO of ASI. “The environments are different, but we both want to deliver value and reach mission outcomes. We want to make the most of our resources, and create a healthy working environment with high quality people and high performing teams. In most cases, what I find with leading companies and good leaders is that we want to create something special. We want to innovate and continue to improve and learn.”

While innovation can be a difficult concept to master, ASI feels like it is best realized through modern technologies. It’s harder these days for ASI’s clients to carry out their mission, simply because budgets are tighter. Because ASI is in service with and for these clients, the obvious negative during tighter economic times has been helping their clients achieve their goals during periods of budgetary constraint. “The economic downturn, however, has made us more determined to find new ways to help them stretch that tax dollar. That’s why we are leveraging new technologies and why we matured our operating model to be sensitive to costs and hard-line budgetary needs, all the while creating more efficient operations,” says McCabe.

As ASI goes forward, McCabe and her company want to improve their value propositions through new technologies, and to deliver an “unexpected experience.” “It’s not just what you deliver; it’s how you deliver it. We have an economic downturn and are still at war. We feel this is a time of great hope and opportunity, and we want to infuse that into our clients and our country.” 

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