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Ron Paul is still in the hunt for the GOP nomination despite the noticeable lack of news coverage.

The media blackout of Ron Paul will not prevent the presidential hopeful from moving forward in the race or from being heard at the GOP convention in August.

After a short-lived period of much attention at the start of the year, mainstream media coverage of Paul has petered down next to nothing.

But, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, despite the lack of news coverage, Paul’s popularity in polls has only improved.

While some political analysts maintain that Paul cannot win the nomination, Mitt Romney is not a shoo-in by any stretch.

Currently Paul controls state delegations from Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, and Nevada, and he keeps adding to his cache while Mitt Romney continues to rapidly lose delegates. So, it is quite possible for Paul to deny Romney the GOP nomination.

His army of staunch supporters is growing and making certain that his noninterventionist message about the economy, states’ rights and a laissez-faire foreign policy is made known.

In a message to his followers in early June, wrote to his supporters that his current position in the race “puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP.”

On Aug. 26, Paul will headline a rally in Tampa. In addition, his cohorts are planning a three-day “Paul Fest” before the convention. It’s still “game on” for team Ron Paul.

In fact, a number of delegates are disputing their Romney vote, which could plunge Romney below the threshold needed to officially clinch the nomination at the RNC in Tampa come August.

Paul is ready to pounce and he will be heard. Several political analysts maintain that if Paul is not given ample time in Tampa, all hell could break loose.

The Los Angeles Times reported in a June 18 article that conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace said, “If they don’t give Ron Paul or [son] Rand Paul prime time, they will turn Tampa 2012 into Chicago ’68 (referring to a Democratic National Conventional beleaguered with disturbances and violence). They will lose their minds.”

But, it be could be camp Romney that goes a little, and goes away, mad.

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