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Annette Tersigni sits with her eyes closed in deep meditation. A practicing nurse by profession, she merges her yoga teaching with good old American nursing. Ms. Tersigni has felt the stress of western civilization, particularly in the medical field. For the past fifteen years, she's been working on the frontlines of the healthcare industry as both a practicing nurse and yoga instructor. Ms. Tersigni started learning and practicing yoga since she was 17, and has always been fascinated with this 5,000-year-old remedy for stress and anxiety. "Yoga helped me and my life," she explains. "This is what I call Dharma. It is what I have been searching for, and what's been searching for me," she adds.

Tersigni works with cancer patients and teaching them yoga. Destiny is what led her to practice both nursing and holistic medicine through yoga at the Duke hospital in North Carolina, she says. In addition to working with victims of cancer, she specializes in cardiac and heart disease patients. "I've been educating people around the world on leading health spiritual lifestyles. And I've studied with Deepak Chopra and David Simon," she adds. "These people were my inspirations to success." Her career initially began in the fields of fashion and modeling, where, in her earlier years, she appeared as an international cover girl in Europe. "I did some film and Miller beer commercials, and had some roles with actors such as Steve Martin, the late John Candy, and Anthony Perkins," she notes.

Having traveled throughout the world, Tersigni currently resides in North Carolina since 2002, though her stomping grounds remain in Canada. "I'm currently writing a book and working with agents in New York," she says, and she's in the process of launching a yoga nursing institution where she intends to train nurses in how to incorporate yoga and standard western health care into one practice. Though yoga is an ancient eastern practice that has been around for at least 5,000 years, there seems to be a big misconception in the west regarding its utility, she notes. For centuries, men have predominantly used yoga for the mind and body, and in healthy living. "Yoga is not a girly practice, but it's good for everyone," Tersigni says. "It's all about the breathing exercises, mind exercises and postures, and tapping into the consciousness-related process," she adds. "My nursing skills give me access to my clients, and this helps me to determine, how to deal with certain diseases and problems they might have to confront in their lives.

"It's about the spirit, soul, and the healing of these components," Tersigni said, "Breathing is very important to a healthy life. I am also a columnist for ‘Nightingale Magazine’; it's about creating a recipe for success." Contact us about our Exclusive Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual LIfestyle and Juice Fasting Retreats on the Pristine Crystal Coast Beaches of North Carolina or our Corporate Yoga Programs with the Yoga Nurse® For questions or help fill in the easy contact form and submit or if that fails, write to me at : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or annette@yoganurse.comphone: 252-725-1924

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