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His story is a microcosm of the American Dream. He and his family had escaped the Communist regime in Vietnam when he was just three years old. Since his arrival in the U.S., he’s completed obtained his college education. Graduating magna cum laude from the University of California at Irvine, he earned his MD degree at Tufts Medical School and did six years of clinical training at Kaiser Hospital and Stanford University.

The approach which Dr. Tang uses is holistic. He emphasizes treating both the internal and external aspects of his patients. He established a clinic, Rejuve, in 2005, in Saratoga, CA. There, Dr. Tang works with a full-time staff dedicated to aesthetic treatments involving a wide variety of non-invasive cosmetic procedures while providing a complete weight loss, hormone, and vitamin optimization clinic. He said, “Based upon my varied backgrounds, I look at problems from many different angles and perspectives.” This well-rounded approach is not the norm in the medical field.
“We have the wrong system model,” he posited. “Today, it is about treating the acute symptom and not about treating the underlying problem. For instance, women in peri-menopause go through several unpleasant symptoms that interfere with day-to-day living, such as, ‘hot flashes,’ ‘mood swings,’ insomnia, and weight gain – all of which are the results of vitamin and hormone deficiencies. Therefore, the proper treatment would be to treat the underlying causes rather than using conventional medications which only mask the symptoms.

“By treating the internal issues, the underlying symptoms are resolved, which enhances the patient’s moods, sleep, pain, and weight. This ultimately enhances their skin and body tones, which are also reflections of what is occurring inside.

“The skin,” he explained, “is the largest organ which depends on a good blood supply for proper nutrients. This can be negatively impacted by many day-to-day factors. One cannot have good skin if one is not sleeping, is stressed, or is not eating right.”

The same holds true for obesity, he added. Often times, patients have weight issues because they have a metabolic issue. While many patients overeat and do not exercise enough, there are many patients who do both and cannot lose any weight. In conducting his diagnostic examinations, Dr. Tang does a complete history and a metabolic work up which includes analyzing blood, urine, and saliva to determine if there are hormones and vitamin deficiencies which may slow their metabolism rate.

Because of his varied backgrounds, Dr. Tang is able to provide nutritional counseling, teach exercise regimens, and treat the metabolic issues so that patients can successfully lose weight and maintain the loss. That is the essence of Dr. Tang’s innovative practice – beginning from within. He stated that most of his patients come in for, “correction of age spots, lines and wrinkles on their faces, weight loss, targeted fat reduction, and fatigue. These conditions are often related to vitamin and hormone deficiencies. 

In addition to his innovations, Dr. Tang uses all of the tools at his disposal, including more traditional non-surgical, external skin treatments. There are some patients who require additional assistance beyond what internal rejuvenation provides. He keeps up with the latest in skin rejuvenation technologies, often combining laser resurfacing, Botox, and dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, as well as Sculptra to provide the best results. 
He explained that Restylane and Juvederm are considered hyaluronic acid fillers. Radiesse comprises an ingredient found in the body called calcium hydroxyappetite. They are used to replenish areas depleted of volume and can be used in the nasolabial fold, underneath eyes, in the cheeks, around or in the lips to provide shape or volume. Botox is considered a neurotoxin. It helps to diminish the movement of muscles. There are areas of the face that have wrinkles when muscles are moved around the eyes, the forehead, or between the eyebrows. They are lines that provide facial expression; when overactive, they cause wrinkles and furrows that cause the face to age.   

The patient’s experience at Rejuve is also important to Dr. Tang. “I spend a considerable amount of time explaining the underlying mechanisms of how they got their problem, explaining the procedure in detail, the expected treatment outcomes and any potential side effects, so they are not surprised at all. I make myself very accessible, so that if they have any questions or problems, then I am available.”

Dr.Tang gives credit to two key people in his life for their help. “I have several mentors who have given incredible insight and have helped me formulate my overall approach and thinking.  My older sister, who is a general and cosmetic dermatologist, has taught me all the dermatology I know today,” he said. “Dr. Singleton from Stanford, who was a well-known Rheumatologist and Physiatrist, taught me how to do all of my pain injections; more importantly, he taught me about the psychology of patients.”

Elaborating on this last point, Dr. Tang explained that, “Some patients have expectations that are too high. They want a magical result with no downtime and no pain, and they want their results to be instantaneous. That is just not possible. In other words, sometimes they want a surgical face lift result without having to [jump over] any hurdles.”
In general, he feels that patients are looking to feel better on the inside and want to look better on the outside. His ability to combine the inside-outside approach addresses this need and has patients looking and feeling younger than they ever have.

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