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Performance Logic

Performance Logic
We design software tools with built-in performance dash boards and have designed them specifically for the health care industry. 80% of failures occur at execution, not planning.

Merk-Principal Analytical Chemist

Specializing in the usage of chemical composition and how artificial materials are applied in using practical applications and theories

Munaf Ali Consultancy, Ltd.

It's mostly Ali's irrepressible enthusiasm for his hard work and drive that makes him someone to watch.

Dick McDonald – A Visionary and a Pragmatist

1970’s, that McDonald rubbed elbows with Bart Starr, the legendary quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.  After befriending Bart Starr he developed, produced and hosted a television sports show with Starr as the centerpiece.

Insurance Brokerage Firm

Ned A. Miller, Inc. America is missing a vital point with regard to rising health care costs.  “It is wellness that must be stressed in the health care system,”

Rubber Investor William Doyle Vystar

Rubber Investor William Doyle Discovers Safer Alternative to Generic Natural Latex

When rubber investors flock to invest, the usual corporate barons, the CEO’s, the big boys of the medical industry, show up at the Board Room--American Bantex, Lumex and Duro-Med, all heavily dependent on the all-purpose rubber tree. That resource has been a God-send to the industry, providing the material for about 40,000 modern items, from sterilized gloves for doctors to everyday chewing gum. 

Pioneering and Providing

Professor Edward Biehl, a professor of Organic Chemistry for over forty years, has reached a point in his professional life where he can see the fruits of his work sitting on the cusp of a successful, non-toxic vaccine for the cure of cancer.  His reward - the pleasure of the compassion he feels for the people who will benefit. 

A Success Story

Crunches Numbers for a Living – And Gives Back, a long journey from Kenya Africa a young woman struggles with limited opprotunity embarks on a humanitarian efforts in developing spiritual life.


JoAnne Peppard, President of CME Acuity LLC, has an uncanny way of shaping the process of research, development and marketing for the pharmaceutical industry.  A trail-blazer in the medical field, Peppard is part scientist, part lobbyist and part public relations marketer, sometimes delving into the tricky terrain of big pharmaceutical companies and federal regulations. 

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