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According to a 2015 survey on employee satisfaction, 60 percent of workers polled said that the relationships they form with their employers positively affect their levels of productivity and focus in the workplace and nearly 45 percent said these relationships have positive impacts on their levels of stress. If a happy employee is a productive one, then clearly, a supportive manager is an integral force that drives employees’ happiness and productivity in the workplace. For managers, striking a balance between developing a healthy rapport with your employees and maintaining professional distance can be a challenge. If you're a leader ready to take on such a challenge, consider applying these ideas for bonding with employees, boosting morale and nurturing your company culture.

Offer Your Cell Phone Number

First off, a simple gesture of comradery that builds trust within a company is for the manager to give out his or her cell number to their crew. Doing so shows your employees that you consider yourself part of the team and trust them with this personal means of communication. It demonstrates transparency, breaks down the normal concepts of the workplace hierarchy and is an informal means of engaging and inspiring direct interaction among the workforce as a whole.

Start a Book Club

Whether you are in the business of technology, the business of pharmaceuticals, the restaurant industry or in waste management, there will be various theories and methods on the best practices for that business. One way to bond with your employees while simultaneously teaching them more about your industry is to start a book club. Choose a different book that covers an aspect of your business for everyone to read, then meet once a month to discuss. The casual nature of the book club will allow for employees to get to know each other as individuals and the open forum will allow employees to voice their opinions. It's an ideal opportunity for the entire team to absorb the same language and concepts of the business while strategically thinking and exchanging ideas.

Office Camping Trip

An overnight team building exercise is a great way for the staff to get outside of the office and their comfort zone, in addition to getting to know their boss as a person ... and a camper. Going on a camping trip also allows for an opportunity to change up the normal roles. Allocate responsibilities for the planning of the trip to generate excitement and promote ownership. Place someone in charge of coordinating team building games, and someone else in charge of organizing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nominate one individual to acquire and transport the tents, fire pit and all other necessary supplies to host the event.

Craft a Microbrew

Eighty-six percent of surveyed professionals reported that recognition and reward increase employee happiness at work, so imposing an activity that can be both an opportunity to bond with your employees and an opportunity to reward them is a win-win. Creating and crafting a brew offers the team the opportunity to work together and produce something tangible. An activity such as this works best by grouping together teammates who do not normally work together. Microbrewing requires innovation and fresh ideas, so creating new teams means new ideas. And when the exercise is complete, the teams have produced their own reward. When your employees appreciate the reward, the relationship between employee and employer will improve.

A positive work environment is created by the people working there, both employees and employers. Create the best work culture possible by using innovative methods to connect with your team.
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