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With a background as an executive in various large organizations, Jeffrey Rocha, CEO of The Millennium Group International, LLC (TMGI), knew that his knowledge, experience and skills could help save a lot of organizations from getting stuck in the mire that so often accumulates, preventing efficiency and growth.

As an independent advisor, Rocha’s team provides an outside perspective and guidance support, but he says, they aren’t interested in being the type of consultants who conduct studies and produce fancy reports that only collect dust on a shelf. 

“We are looking to be a partner that’s engaged with finding solutions,” Rocha said, adding that their ideal clients are firms who recognize that they have problem spots and are “interested in achieving performance gains within their organization.”

One of the common problems areas that Rocha identified is teaching leaders how to lead. “Most people reach senior level positions because they are very good at their jobs, not because they have good leadership skills,” Rocha explained.

“Many don’t appreciate that learning to lead is an important aspect of the role,” Rocha said, refuting the cliché that some people are born leaders.

“Just like any skill, it can be learned,” he said. “I don’t think anyone is really born a leader. It’s all part of your ongoing learning process.”

TMGI offers more than leadership development and coaching, one of the many tools used to achieve the goal of helping improve organizational performance and capacity. They aim to make each organization more effective and efficient in what they do by aligning the entire organization to reach the client’s vision.

“With our operational intelligence system,” Rocha said, “we can not only document the business processes, but also monitor how those processes are working, so we can provide the transparency into how processes are performing and be able to continually improve them over time.”

Various strategies are implemented to increase human capital throughout an organization by training development, workforce planning, mentoring programs, team building, organizational development, as well as succession management and facilitation.

According to Rocha, effective succession management includes “looking at your talent pipeline in a little more holistic fashion,” and often redesigning job vacancies created by turnover or attrition to utilize new skillsets that incoming millennial talent brings.

One key area of Rocha’s success comes with introducing effective measurement tools and performance analytics. “Our focus is outcome-based, to help keep an organization strategically aligned,” he said, adding that output is different than outcome, which often distracts companies from using data effectively.

Rocha noted, “It’s quite a feat to go into an organization that has never been measurable at all, and bring in a system to track their outcomes, track their service costs, track their efficiency and give them the tools to improve their organization.”

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