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In 1997, recognizing a growing need for supply chain management in the software industry, Hannah Kain founded ALOM (Advanced Logistics Operations and Manufacturing). Just one year later, ALOM had been ISO certified and had its first Fortune 500 client. Since then the company has continued to prosper and Kain has been the recipient of numerous business awards, including being named as a 2012 Women's Business Enterprise star.

Today, the California-based company boasts a vast global presence with 16 locations worldwide and manages parts of the business for some 50-60 companies, many on the Fortune 500 list, including Ford, Apple, Siemens and Johnson & Johnson.

ALOM manages customers' global supply chain – from inbound (planning, procurement), light manufacturing, printing, assembly, and outbound (fulfillment, customer service), to reverse logistics (returns, repairs). Customers outsource all or substantial parts of their global operations to ALOM, which in turn can manage both the product supply chain and marketing operations. Included in its wide range of operations are media duplication, digital rights management, integrated digital printing, warehousing and the transfer of sensitive items requiring detailed tracking and security or special licensing. With a laser-like focus on quality, organized and infinitely flexible, ALOM is totally dedicated to its customers' needs.

As a socially responsible company, ALOM uses “green” technology throughout its operations. Every customer’s product reaching an end user represents the cumulative, environmentally friendly, careful and creative effort of ALOM’s team

ALOM is heavily involved in IT and technology, medical equipment, the automotive sector, utilities and government business. “We always work with clients every step of the way and we adhere to a partnership model. We turn down anything that cannot be executed without 100% excellence,” a passionate Kain stresses.

A recognized leader in supply chain management, ALOM has a proven track record in maximizing customer value and achieving a competitive advantage by keeping costs down and quality high. Future plans include growing its international presence in new and emerging markets, adding locations to its existing 16 location network as well as building new IT tools to manage the increasing complexity in global supply chains and continuing to offer stellar service to its expanding customer base.

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