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During any economic downturn, hiring goes down and consulting goes up. The advantages of hiring consultants during tough times includes having more flexibility to hire just the right person for the job, without needing to worry about providing benefits such as health insurance.

Chuck Sujansky, CEO of KEYGroup Consulting®, provides outsourced training and employee assessments. “With the advent of the internet, companies don't have the training staff that they used to. You know, the old model was, you'd operate a one-day supervisory training program, and you'd have 30 managers come in and take it,” he said. “It was kind of one size fits all.”

KEYGroup offers custom-made training programs that employees can take right from their office computers, eliminating travel costs and minimizing the time they must take away from their jobs. This combination of minimum costs and custom services is very attractive to budget-cutting clients.

Sujansky's team also helps clients with job candidate assessments. “We'll do an analysis and take a look at their very, very top performers -- the type of employee that they would love to clone over and over again for every hire that they make,” he said. “And we'll develop a profile of those top performing employees. When the job candidate takes the assessment, the computer will score his or her results and give us a percent match.” This procedure helps clients to be sure that they are hiring the right people.  By hiring top performers client companies increase productivity and reduce turnover costs.  Both of which increase the bottom line.

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