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In a world that puts stock in a “bigger is better” attitude, Bradford L. Goldense, owner of Goldense Group, Inc. (GGI), sees true value in small business.

As an MBA student at Cornell's Johnson School, he took his experience working for his family’s small business to create an entrepreneurship organization that laid the groundwork for the school to better accommodate those wishing to start their own businesses. After working for a multitude of companies after graduation, a business reengineering initiative he contributed to developing at the former Index Group helped him use his engineering management expertise to branch out into an independent business endeavor. 

GGI focuses primarily on consulting in R&D and product development, but has also expanded into executive education and market research in these areas. The company produces studies on effective practices in innovation, development and metrics. Their findings are held in high regard by business owners across the county. Networking keeps them ahead of the curve; through participation in trade associations and speaking engagements at high-profile conferences, Goldense and his associates keep the spotlight on the company’s achievements.

When the group was founded in 1986, the initial goal was to expand. But four years later, Goldense realized he was spending more time doing administrative and sales work instead of practicing his fundamental craft. He opted to keep the company at around 10 employees and abide by a quality-before-quantity strategy to keep the company focused on its clients.  The plan worked; according to the company’s website, more than 95 percent of their clients end up rehiring the GGI team. 

“Our clients know us and know they’re not going to be juggled with other clients,” he said. “Once we’re engaged, they have our attention and share our attention with only a few other companies at a time.”

Goldense considers the current vacillation of the markets to be a huge challenge for industry, but sees behavior profiles as more of an issue than finances or technological adaptations. Those working in product management and development need to be bold, motivated and persistent, he says, which poses a challenge to many businesses in the industry. The fast-paced services sector also involves a lot of variables when it comes to handling clients’ individual situations. When the phone rings, says Goldense, some clients may present the need for a pragmatic, thought-out plan. Others call with a critical business emergency, which could be so dire as to require hopping on a plane to address the problem the same day.

In the upcoming year, Goldense expects to be competitive in spite of the suffering economy. In addition to strengthening business relationships and refreshing primary research, he is looking to realize a stronger online presence for the company.

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