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Wealth managers do much more than pick stocks, bonds and funds. While their services might start there, they go much further. Good wealth managers are actively involved in their clients’ current situations as well as in their future goals and objectives. Re-balancing an investment profile and portfolio based on where a client is in life and what life changes have occurred, for example, are among wealth managers’ top priorities. In short, wealth managers deal with many of the difficult financial decisions that the majority of people would rather avoid.

SRS Wealth Management Group Inc. tackles those thorny issues head-on. For more than 14 years, the Baton Rouge, LA-based firm has been flourishing by providing comprehensive and independent financial guidance to scores of individuals, beginning with former BellSouth employees. Its strong commitment to “serving the customer” remains central to the company's culture. For that reason also, it partners with one of the largest broker-dealers in the U.S., in order to be free to offer clients truly objective advice.

“We keep it simple,” Christopher Boggs, SRS President, told The Suit. “Offering a 'total care' approach to wealth management, we provide investment selection, address debt and credit issues, and engage in estate and retirement planning. With access to expert estate attorneys, insurance providers, Affordable Care Act healthcare professionals and CPAs, we can ensure that clients’ needs are expertly met and in a timely manner.”

Specializing in helping individuals approaching or already in retirement, SRS doesn’t set limits on the amount of assets necessary for someone to come on board. “What’s important to us is that a person is serious about their financial planning, has realistic goals and is dedicated to our direction of helping them move forward, with confidence in their financial future. We take time to sit with each client to get a clear picture of the big picture. We have to be a good fit to get good results. All prospective clients come to us by referral. That speaks volumes about our current clients’ satisfaction with us,” Boggs explained.

Wealth managers have never been more needed than now. Soaring stock values have motivated investors to shift sideline money into equities and other investment vehicles. While 2014 is expected to be another positive year for stocks, money managers say investors shouldn’t expect the outsized gains of 2013. Additionally, changes to capital gains, dividends and estate taxes can easily strip away investors’ profits. Then there’s the healthcare direction. “People are living longer, and in better health. It’s not only important that people have enough funds to last their longer lifetimes. They also need to have a long-term care plan in place,” Boggs shared.

Boggs also takes great care in selecting the people he brings in to carry out his carefully curated investment decisions for the company's diverse client base. Inspired by family, religion, his work crew and love of country, Boggs is passionately driven to succeed in everything that he does. That unwavering ambition serves his clients very well indeed.

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