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Mark Trombino Motivational Speaking

Mark Trombino Motivational Speaking
Mark Trombino is known as the Mike Tyson of motivational knock outs. He's an inspirational speaker, actor and author who recently released his new book, "Life Is Short."

Percy Lall says Customs Industry is a “Family Affair”

When it comes down to shipping and exporting Percy Lall is the man for the job in the Caribbean. Lall launched his own Customs Brokerage firm a half of century ago. And he said it was the best move he ever made. 

Maximizing HR Potential

Nothing delights Kayla Barrett more than illumination. “I love to see light-bulbs come on for people!” she exclaims. Barrett is referring to ideas, not watts; she’s the founder of Organization Impact, a consulting company specializing in human resources, leadership cultivation, and organizational development.

Blazing a Trail in Fire Prevention

Ed Spahn makes his living putting out fires—even before they start. The business of fire prevention is one that demands creativity. Every case is unique, so Spahn is always thinking on his toes.

HOUCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. International Corporate Troubleshooter

HOUCK & ASSOCIATES, INC. International  Corporate Troubleshooter
Harold H. Houck , President of Houck & Associates, Inc. provides corporate troubleshooting services and asset assessment on a global basis. His firm counters or resolves issues concerning embezzlement, fraud and corporate espionage. The firm’s success in international financial research and creative problem solving has earned Mr. Houck his unique reputation

On The Right Track

For over a quarter-century, Jeannie Beckett has been working the rails in the transportation industry. Her focus has been the development and operation of high-speed rail lines and mega-transportation facilities.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Corporate Training

Pitsel & Associates Ltd. is fortunate to be able to draw on exceptional talents and experience of our Associates. Our collegial approach includes you within an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, mutual respect and a meaningful sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience.

Access to the Air

David Tibbets, of Recreational Sports Marketing Consulting, is an expert in recreational sports marketing.  He has advised companies involved in various sports including golf, sailing, scuba diving and skydiving.  But Tibbets’ current focus is in the fast-growing activity of sports flying.

Tax, Finance and Business Planning

We can help you make the best decisions whenever you  incorporate a company, buy real estate, deal with the IRS, or even streamline your payroll process.

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