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On The Right Track

For over a quarter-century, Jeannie Beckett has been working the rails in the transportation industry. Her focus has been the development and operation of high-speed rail lines and mega-transportation facilities.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Corporate Training

Pitsel & Associates Ltd. is fortunate to be able to draw on exceptional talents and experience of our Associates. Our collegial approach includes you within an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, mutual respect and a meaningful sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience.

Access to the Air

David Tibbets, of Recreational Sports Marketing Consulting, is an expert in recreational sports marketing.  He has advised companies involved in various sports including golf, sailing, scuba diving and skydiving.  But Tibbets’ current focus is in the fast-growing activity of sports flying.

Tax, Finance and Business Planning

We can help you make the best decisions whenever you  incorporate a company, buy real estate, deal with the IRS, or even streamline your payroll process.

Building Assets During Tough Economic Times

Glover Davis and Alan Rosenbaum of Davis & Rosenbaum Financial Services Inc. have earned their money the hard way: building and sustaining people’s continuing assets, even in harsh economic times.

The Insightful Economist

From his economic advisory role under President Reagan to his close relationship with the University of Mississippi, William Shughart II has been providing keen analysis to both governments and international business organizations for over twenty-five years.

An Entrepreneur with the “Easy Key to Life”

An Entrepreneur with the “Easy Key to Life”
Beverly Keyes Taylor, entrepreneur, personal improvement coach, and CEO of the Easy Key to Life Institute, has taken a long and winding career path to get to where she is today. She first dreamed of being a teacher, and she began doing just that when she first entered the workforce years ago.

Direct Mail Marketing

Leila Levan’s fierce entrepreneurial spirit was first kindled when she was a young girl on her family’s farm. During the 1970s, highway construction forced her family to sell the land they’d been working on for years. She recalls, “My father had to go to work in a corporation, and he hated it.” 

Smooth Communications with investors and shareholders

A successful enterprises knows how to get its message across. 

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